Magazine article The American Conservative

Regime Crisis

Magazine article The American Conservative

Regime Crisis

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At this writing, France has capitulated to mass demonstrations and canceled a labor law that would have let employers dismiss workers under 26.

For the French, the cave-in is truly bad news. It means the political system is not strong enough to take even modest measures to liberate France from a socialist system that is a freshwater fish in the salt waters of the Global Economy.

If despair and gloom are widespread in France, they are justified. With a birthrate below what is needed to continue as a French nation, its 5-8 million Arab and Islamic immigrants alienated, a limping economy, and no way to cast off socialist shackles, France's future appears grim.

In America, too, a regime crisis appears at hand.

Millions have massed in cities from Los Angeles to Phoenix to Dallas to Washington to demand that 12 million illegal aliens be granted full rights of U.S. citizens and all talk of defending U.S. borders be halted at once. Republican and Democratic politicians have been rendered speechless by the size of the demonstrations.

But the demonstrations reveal something more unsettlling. That hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, all subject to deportation, would defiantly march under foreign flags in U.S. cities suggests the government of the United States has lost its moral authority.

For two decades, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have failed-or rather refused-to do their constitutional duty to defend the states from this invasion. Now the message had gone out to the world. Americans can't or won't defend their country. We can walk in and take over. And they are coming in the millions, every year.

And where is our commander in chief? He backs McCain-Kennedy, the bill to grant amnesty to the 12 million and blanket pardons to the corporate chiselers who hired them and passed on to taxpayers the costs of their health, education, and welfare.

This would put the illegals on the road to lifetime benefits from our welfare state and allow U.S. companies to go overseas and hire hundreds of thousands of workers yearly to bring back to replace Americans who balk at working for Third World wages.

This is the opposite of what Americans have told pollsters for 20 years they want. It is the opposite of what Arizonans and Californians have voted for every time they have held a referendum.

According to a new Washington PostABC poll, 60 percent of the people now disapprove of Bush's performance, the strongest repudiation of his leadership since January 2001. …

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