Employee File

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Employee File is a specialized database program that enables employers to maintain employee records on line. It eliminates the need for paper files that may contain quickly jotted or unreadable haphazard notes. Furthermore, it forces standardization of employee records and encourages documentation of data that may become a valuable resource in the event of a lawsuit. Since an online employee database provides multipurpose accessibility, it eliminates maintaining duplicate paper file systems. Formally documented records are generally more organized, consistent, and complete. Moreover, Employee File provides a timely and comprehensive resource for writing employee reviews. Workwise Evaluations, an addon program that integrates with Employee File, will perform full employee analysis functions such as peer-topeer, and task oriented reviews.

The program reads numerous popular file formats including comma delimited text, dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, Btrieve and MS Access. In addition, Employee File enables creation of a customized template that provides seamless data transfer to and from other programs.

Navigation Users navigate the program by clicking on button bars and icons and using pull down-menus and keyboard shortcuts. Users can switch among three views by clicking tabs on either the employee folder, the corporate folder, or the corporate policy folder. A fully editable sample database enables users to acclimate themselves to the program very quickly.

Getting Started The first step in using Employee File is to set up the Corporate Policy Folder by defining the policies to be tracked. These policies create the dropdown lists for entering individual employee data. The program provides predefined codes for tracking employee activities, benefits, and job categories. …