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Goodbye, Will & Grace

Magazine article Out

Goodbye, Will & Grace

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As the groundbreaking sitcom ends its eight-year run, the show's stars and some of its famous guests recall their favorite memories.

"My favorite moment: walking into the house of [executive producer] Max Mutchnick with the rest of the cast for the first table read. That's when I realized you can't park in the red in L.A." Sean Hayes

"I loved when Rosario married Jack. It was the best on-screen kiss I have ever had." Shelley Morrison

"Megan and I had a wild on-screen love affair. She's so sexy. The more strident her voice gets, the more I secretly want to ravage her." Bruno Campos

"If I've learned anything from Will & Grace, it's that it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite moment-sorry if this mm seems party pooper-ish. It's just that I could never pick apart this extraordinary experience and single out one thing and one thing only; one time, one person, one scene or story. I've had several favorite moments a day for the last eight years, and they continue as we head toward the wrap. Forget the actual show, the cast, the writers, our director, all of which you know. There are people on the crew of this show that you guys will never hear about who deserve tomes written about them, monuments erected. So for that alone I would feel funny saying, 'Oh, I liked the scene where...' or 'It was so funny the time that...' Sorry to go all philosophical on your ass." Megan Mullally

"I had never done a sitcom, so having my first time be with the absolute best was incredibly scary. But the cast and crew couldn't have been nicer or more welcoming. I truly had the best time. My first day on set Bobby Cannavale told me, 'I just want to warn you: The first time you say your lines you'll think you're the funniest thing in the world. Twelve hours later no one will be laughing, but you're still just as funny.'" Jamie-Lynn Sigler

"I've known Megan, Debra, Eric, and Sean now since the beginning of the show, and they are all the same as they were when the show started: so down to earth, and the superfame has not changed them at all. Doing that show was so much fun it felt like a vacation. They are all such nice people. Strangers always ask what they are all like in real life, and I say they are exactly the way you see them on TV-exactly how you think they would be. …

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