Magazine article American Forests

Championing All Our Trees

Magazine article American Forests

Championing All Our Trees

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R. Douglas Cowan, Chairman and CEO, The Davey Tree Expert Company

Champion! That word signifies the best of the best. And national champion Big Trees don't disappoint. They are vivid reminders of the wonder that is nature's gift.

We identify and protect the giants because of their iconic significance, but we need to protect their smaller neighbors, too. Every tree, no matter how ordinary, adds to the value that trees bring to our lives, and the giants can thrive only when they exist as a part of a healthy ecosystem. That is the real message of the Big Tree program.

All trees contribute to a healthy environment and all trees are important in shading our homes, sheltering wildlife, and purifying water and air. Without our attention to the health of trees now, our grandchildren's lives will be grim indeed. Only if we can balance the sometime competing needs of development and the preservation of natural resources will we be able to guarantee that future generations will have the opportunity that we have had to enjoy the giants.

Davey's affiliation with AMERICAN FORESTS, our sponsorship of the National Register of Big Trees, and our partnership in the Global ReLeaf campaign all signal our commitment to America's trees. We are pleased to be part of a movement that recognizes that maintaining a healthy forest during our time is how we keep our promise to the future.

Deborah Gangloff, Executive Director, AMERICAN FORESTS

Richard St. Barbe Baker, noted British conservationist and founder of Men of the Trees, said that "a nation's wealth, its real wealth, can be gauged by its tree cover." At AMERICAN FORESTS we wholeheartedly agree. Abundant tree cover indicates that a country has protected its precious resources and cares enough about its people to ensure that they are shaded by cooling trees, quenched by pure water, and sheltered by forests. …

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