Magazine article Journal of Film Preservation

The 1998 FIAF Summer School at George Eastman House

Magazine article Journal of Film Preservation

The 1998 FIAF Summer School at George Eastman House

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Grant from the Getty Foundation

Following discussions with Clyde Jeavons about FIAF and its work, J. Paul Getty Jr - a major benefactor of the NFTVA and the British Film Institute in London - made a generous, unconditional donation to FIAF funds late last year of £10,000 (pounds sterling). President Michelle Aubert has warmly thanked Mr Getty on behalf of FIAF, and the EC will decide at its next meeting how best to use this windfall. One suggestion is to put it towards the expenses of guest expert speakers invited to FIAF symposia - a cost which FIAF has often found difficult to meet in the past.

The 1998 FIAF Summer School will take place from June 7 to 27 at the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, in Rochester, NY. This School follows in the tradition of previous summer courses directed by Wolfgang Klaue at the film archive of the Democratic Republic of Germany and Clyde Jeavons at the National Film and Television Archive in London.

This session of the FIAF Summer School complements the permanent, year-long course in film preservation held annually by GEH under the auspices of the Louis B. Mayer Foundation.

The Summer School provides an intensive training course for film archivists from all over the world. The strong technical orientation of the program demands that prospective students have some (but not necessarily very much) experience with film handling and archival practices. Coursework will focus on the preservation of moving images: from the physical inspection, maintenance, and repair of material artifacts, to environmental control issues such as storage, temperature and humidity levels, and the architecture of film vaults. Instruction will place the physical dimension of preservation in the context of a broader institutional process that includes acquisition, cataloging, programming, copyright and other legal issues, the philosophy and ethics of preservation, and the curatorial and financial management of archives.

The School will invite several lecturers, instructors, and panelists from private laboratories, universities, and other FIAF archives. Classes will be held at the International Museum of Photography and Film, as well as at the GEH Conservation Center, located 15 miles north of Rochester, and at the Image Permanence Institute of the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, the course of study will involve visits to other laboratories, conservation centers, and films archives in the region, including MoMA's new facility in Hamlin, PA; the John E. Allen laboratories; and the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal.

Enrollment is fixed at twenty students. First priority will be given to FIAF affiliates, with special consideration to applicants from archives in developing countries, or those with more modest resources. Non-FIAF members may also apply. After the School has filled all available positions, it will maintain a reserve list; should vacancies arise, the School will inform candidates on this list in a timely fashion.

A letter announcing the 1998 Summer School and its calendar will be distributed to all FIAF affiliates, together with a sample application which can be photocopied and distributed according to the needs of each institution. The deadline for submissions is December 31st, 1997. …

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