Magazine article Journal of Film Preservation

Errata in Journal of Film Preservation #57

Magazine article Journal of Film Preservation

Errata in Journal of Film Preservation #57

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There were several editorial errors in the Journal of Film Preservation #57.

Please note the following errata and accept our apologies.

1. 'The FIAF Nitrate Book - A Progress Report and an Appeal' The discoveries concerning Murnau's 'Faust' mentioned on page 47 of JFP #57 were actually made by Martin Koerber, although they are erroneously credited to Martin Loiperdinger in the article. Despite being noted during the preparation of the publication, this error still slipped through the final proofreading process. Apologies are extended to both Martins for the mistake, and for any embarrassment it may have caused them.

The cover photograph (of Anna May Wong and Sessue Hayakawa) in the same issue is from Roger Smither's private collection, not from the Imperial War Museum.

2. 'The Story of the Century! An International Newsfilm Conference' The review of the above publication, which appeared anonymously on pages 51-54 of JFP #57, was written by Iola Baines, Director of the Wales Film and Television Archive, Aberystwyth. The name of the author has however been mentioned on the back-cover.

3. On the back-cover, Hillel Tryster appears as being Deputy Director and Researcher of the Steven Spielbergh Jewish Film Archive. This refers of course to the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive.

In addition to the traditional section devoted to selected - and commented - bibliography, we publish this section, which includes the list of books received at the Brussels Secretariat.

En complément de la traditionelle section consacrée à la bibliographie choisie et commentée, nous publions cette sous-section contenant la liste des ouvrages reçus au Secrétariat de Bruxelles.

Completando la tradicional sección dedicada a una selección bibliográfica comentada, publicamos en esta sub-sección la lista de libros recibidos en el Secretariado de Bruselas.

Books / Livres / Libros

Catalogue of the exhibition organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive and presented by the Provisional Urban Council, The Making of Martial Arts Films, as Told by Filmmakers and Stars, Hong Kong, March - April 1999, 97 p., ill., ISBN: 962-8050-06-0

Collective publication of the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique: Belgian Cinema, Le cinéma belge, de Belgische Film, Filmographie du cinéma belge, 1896-1996, coordination by Marianne Thys, texts by R. Michelems, J. Aubenas, L. Joris, R. Stallaerts, G. Convents, M. Apers, P. Frans, A. Joassin, D. Dufour, P. Geens, S. Meurant, A.-F. Lesuisse, forword by A. Delvaux, Brussels, Sep. 1999, 992p., 775 black and white illustrations, French, English, Dutch, ISBN: 90-5544-234-8

Collective publication of the Ministerio de educación y cultura: Soñar el cine, Fondos de la Colección de la Filmoteca Española, Volladolid, March 1999, 172 p., ill., ISBN: 84-87132-79-0

Collective publication edited by James Quandt, Shohei Imamura, Cinematheque Ontario - Toronto International Film Festival Group, Toronto, 1997, 183 p., ill., filmography, ISBN: 0-9682969-0-4

Collective publication edited by ARCI, UCCA, Cinemateca de Cuba, ICAIC, Homenaje a Pier Paolo Pasolini, XX Festival internacional del Nuevo cine latinoamericano, La Habana, Dec. 1998, 93 p., black and white illustrations

Collective publication edited by Einar Nistad, Dromen om de levende bilder, Artikkelsamling Filmmuseet, Norsk Filminstitutt, Oslo, 1999, ISBN: 82-90463-90-1

Collective publication edited by Angel Luis Hueso, Catálogo del cine español, Películas de ficción 1941-1950, vol. F-4, Cátedra / Filmoteca Española, Madrid, 1998, 630 p., ISBN: 84-376-1690-5

Collective publication edited by Transeuropa, Louise Brooks l'européenne, at the occasion of the 52nd Festival International du Film, Cannes. Films restored by the co-operative effort of several film archives, in particular the Cineteca Italiana, Torino, the Cineteca del Comune di Bologna, the Cinémathèque Française, Paris. Ed. Cine Classics, Paris, Barcelona, Roma, München, 1999, 95 p. …

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