Magazine article Southwest Art

My World

Magazine article Southwest Art

My World

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You were bom in Missouri, studied art at Long Beach State and Sacramento State universities, earned a master's in fine art at UCLA, and have been in Marin County for how long? About 20 years.

Since you used to teach creative thinking at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, what revelations can you share on the subject? In general, creative people are driven by a dialogue with a larger universe.

Your wooden carved sculptures take inspiration from Spanish Colonial sanfos, Egyptian tomb figures, and Buddhist stone carvings? Yes, those are probably the most powerful influences.

The others being American folk art. African carvings, and Egyptian funeral effigy figures? You already know everything about me! [Laughs]

We're just getting started! You also use found objects? Yes, like old tractor seat metal, old signs, old painted plywood.

What kind of wood do you sculpt with? Alaskan cedar, reclaimed wood from old bridges, old pine, a lot of old cedar.

Your work's figurative, but what style do you consider it? I sway between naturalistic and primitive.

You're based in gorgeous San Rafael, with wooded greenery right outside your studio window. Yes, we're on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

Wow. So what's the most gorgeous town in Marin County-San Anselme? Yeah, I think San Anselmo's awfully beautiful, but I love West Marin out to Point Reyes Station.

Marin is renowned for its natural beauty, liberal politics, and extreme affluence-what exactly made you move there? Yeah, all of it! And we wanted to get out of L. A.

Is the studio part of your house? It's connected by a little walkway bridge over a steep hillside. It was a garage and carport, and I've taken over.

What's the architectural style of the house and studio? Contemporary craftsman.

How big is the studio? Oh, 1 ,000 square feet.

What kind of flooring? Concrete floor. Drywall walls. White.

How about the light? …

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