Magazine article The New Crisis


Magazine article The New Crisis


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The Crisis articles on education (September/October 2001) were excellent. It must be drummed into the heads of African Americans that education is the most appropriate way of remedying inequality [in addition to], the strong enforcement of our civil rights.

Andre Austin

Jackson, Mich.

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I read the Editor's Note (September/October 2001, "Reading is Fundamental") and halfway through got goose bumps. For more than 9 years, I have been looking at ways to get the word out that we [parents] need to support the re-enforcement of our children's education. I started with my friends and associates, and from the occasional blank stares I get, there are times when I feel a bit obsessive. Your editorial makes me feel normal. Looking forward to the next issue.

Mary Annamraju

Gainesville, Ga.

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I read you article, "Reading is Fundamental," in The Crisis special education issue. It was great. I'm a returning student after being out of school since the late 1970s. I'm truly buckling down now and reading more. Your article was an inspiration.

Kim T. Howard

Indianapolis, Ind.

In reference to the [September/October 2001] editorial by Ms. Victoria Valentine, I take issue with the inference that removing To Kill a Mockingbird from the required reading list at Muskogee High is somehow a threat to her First Amendment rights. The principal was showing sensitivity to African American students and parents who approached him about some students being uncomfortable with the novel's use of the "N" word. School officials worked out a compromise which stated that a student be given an alternative novel if he or she was uncomfortable with To Kill a Mockingbird. In only one instance did a teacher explain this option to her class. The novel is still available, but there has been no rush to check it out.

Cedric Johnson

Retired Muskogee Principal

Vice President, Muskogee, Okla.,


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