Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


Magazine article Psychotherapy Networker


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July/August 2006 Vol. 30 - No. 4


21st-Century Teens

The Divided Self By Ron Taffel

Media-saturated millennium kids live in a disconnected world that spawns intense inner fragmentation. If we are to help them heal these splits, we need to move beyond the constraints imposed by our business-as-usual methods.

Cyberspaced By Mary Sykes Wylie

Hanging out with the in crowd on

Lost in Electronica By Adam Cox

The consolation prize for boys who feel deeply but can't express or even decipher their own emotions is the universe of "electronica," a womb of all-encompassing stimulation provided by video and computer games.

Hungry for Connection By Martha Straus

Ten ways to improve your therapy with adolescent girls.           

            The Logic of Self-Injury

            -Often mystifying to adults, cutting is epidemic among teenage girls.


To Tell the Truth By Molly Layton

James Frey's offense wasn't just that he made up details about his life. It was that he wasn't curious enough about the complex story of his own recovery.


Networker News By Wray Herbert

A new survey reports an unsettling downward shift in earnings for therapists in private practice. …

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