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Magazine article PM Network

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AngelVision Technologies, Portland, Ore., USA

Challenge: Since its inception in 2001, advertising and marketing agency AngelVision has grown at an annual rate of 400 percent. Its rapid expansion meant the agency had to hire more employees or contract out work.

Project: Improve task management, increase productivity and drive the sales of the company's online infomercials

Solution: @task by AtTask Inc., Orem, Utah, USA

ROI: lnfomercial production time has dropped from five to three months, and each project manager can now handle 90 projects at once.

MaineGeneral Health, Augusta, Maine, USA

Challenge: Enable more consistent, on-time and on-budget delivery of projects, reduce risk, increase efficiency of resource allocation and enhance collaboration

Project: Automate project management processes and governance methodologies and increase knowledge of IT project costs

Solution: Tenrox Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Tenrox, Pasadena, Calif., USA

ROI: The ability to enforce and automate project management processes


Following the success of its short, online infomercials, AngelVision Technologies experienced growing pains. Posting an annual growth rate of 400 percent, the advertising and marketing agency was managing more than 100 infomercial projects at a time. AngelVision needed a way to improve task management, increase productivity and drive sales without adding staff every six months. It turned to AtTask Inc.'s enterprise project management software @task.

The web-based software allows AngelVision staff to assign and assume responsibility for all or part of any project and securely share information between users on a need-to-know basis. The software also helps project managers better understand workflow, bandwidth capabilities and areas of concern. …

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