She Has Done a Beautiful Thing for Me: Portraits of Christian Women in Asia

Article excerpt

She Has Done a Beautiful Thing for Me: Portraits of Christian Women in Asia. By Anne C. Kwantes. Manila: OMF Literature, 2005. Pp. 375. Paperback $15.

In the foreword, Andrew Walls describes this book as a "rich offering;" it brings into focus the contributions and beautiful things done for God by just a sampling of women in Asia. Anne Kwantes, born to missionary parents in Indonesia and reared in the Netherlands and Canada, gained advanced degrees in the Philippines. She has written about the Philippines and taught there for some twenty years in various capacities.

Following two colorful introductory chapters sketching historical aspects of women in mission, thirteen women's lives are presented, quite evenly divided between expatriate and Asian, married and single. The time period covers mostly stories in the past 300 years, but one chapter takes us back to the thirteenth century and the Mongol dynasty. Historical and social contexts, as well as personal warmth of detail, are woven into the stories of women ranging from medical doctors and an Indian pioneer in education to a fifth-generation Christian who became president of Tokyo Woman's Christian University, from pioneer American and Dutch educators to a present-day activist and writer in the Philippines. …


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