Magazine article Dance Spirit

Ballet Challenge

Magazine article Dance Spirit

Ballet Challenge

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1 Ignoring her mother's warnings, this peasant girl falls in love with a man she believes to be a fellow villager. When she discovers that he's really a count, betrothed to a countess, she goes mad and kills herself with his sword. Her ghost joins a group of angry women out for revenge against the men who wronged them. When the ghosts discover the count mourning at her grave, our heroine chooses to save him from being danced to death.

2 On the day of this princess' christening, a spell is cast by a wicked fairy that foretells certain death by pricking her finger. Thankfully, a good fairy turns things around, so that the princess actually just falls into a deep sleep, and is awakened 100 years later by true love's kiss.

3 This Indian temple dancer is in love with a noble warrior, though he's engaged to marry the temple Rajah's daughter. When the Rajah discovers this, he has the temple dancer killed. She is joined by her lover in the afterlife-after angry gods destroy the temple and everyone in it.

4 Once the loyal, naïve love interest of a Danish prince with his own family issues, this woman goes mad and drowns herself after being coldly rejected by him. Hint: The ballet was created by Stephen Mills to a score by Philip Glass; the play upon which it is based was written around the year 1600.

5 This winged figure lures a man away from his wedding festivities. He never finds her, and his intended bride marries a rival instead. …

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