Magazine article Working Mother

You Said It

Magazine article Working Mother

You Said It

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A first-time reader, I was challenged by your cover story on Carla Calizaire [How She Does It, October]. This article birthed a never-give-up attitude in me that I lost on the one-year anniversary of my college graduation. Unemployed and feeling like a starving-artist cliché, I hit rock bottom. Like Carla, I am an African-American woman. Her positive trajectory encourages me to believe in my God-given talent and to work harder than anyone has ever worked before. - Zahra Johnson, Decatur, GA

Never Too Late

I was fascinated to read the article by Dr. Nancy Santanello in your October issue [Go For It!]. My life parallels hers in so many ways. I, too, was a teacher during my twenties and decided to apply to medical school at the age of 30. I had been discouraged during my undergrad years from going to medical school because only the men did that-women all went into social work at that time. Then, when I decided to take premed classes and apply, I was discouraged again because I was an "older woman." But, by that time, I was determined. I was accepted at every medical school I applied to and happily attended the University of California at San Francisco, where there were a lot of "alternative" students. I have been a pediatrician for 18 years and have children who are 15 and 14, just like Dr. Santanello. Alas, I did not marry a doctor, but I am very happy with my husband, who is a school psychologist and helps me keep our lives together. Thanks for the article!

-Lin O'Leory, MD, Olympia, WA

Start Your Engines, Ladies

While you're all praise for Indy 500 fourth-place winner Danica Patrick, you ignore other female drivers [NewsBreak, October]. Why nothing on Shirley Muldowney, Karen Stoffer, Angelle Sampey or Katherine Legge? There are scores of female drivers who have won events. And what about Allison Duncan, an up-and-coming stock car driver, or Lyn St. James, who managed to qualify at the Indy 500 when she tried with limited funds instead of a powerhouse team like Patrick's?

-Isabella Vinadelan, Carter Lake, IA

Editors' note: The writer is a high school student and "mom" to Kota, a 3-year-old border collie/whippet.

Downside of Flextime

While I enjoyed reading Jennifer Gill's article about flextime ["Three Faces of Flex," October], it failed to tell the whole story. Not all of us who are flexing are "loving it." I just gave notice after working nearly three years as an attorney on a part-time/flextime basis. It didn't work for me. The success of such an arrangement depends on many factors (industry, company, supervisor, employee's family life). …

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