Toshiba Introduces SCSI CD-ROM Drive, Announces First DVD-ROM Drive

Article excerpt

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Disk Products Division (TAIS DPD), has introduced the XM-3801B, a CDROM with a 15x-maximum and a 14xaverage spin speed. According to the company, the new SCSI-2 interface XM3801B features an industry-first 90-ms average random seek time.

"The XM-3801B provides the ultimate in CD-ROM performance and reliability," said Scott Smith, vice president of marketing, TAIS DPD. "The drive's industryleading access and transfer rates, combined with Toshiba's proven 100,000hour Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), make the XM-3801B the CDROM drive for today's power users, who demand the highest possible performance for a range of applications." According to Smith, the new 15x-maximum drive provides an industry-first 2.1 MB/second average transfer rate that supports all applications, including data, gaming, and multimedia. The XM-3801B also provides a synchronous burst transfer of 10 MB/second and an asynchronous burst transfer of 5 MB/second.

The drive also features a 256-KB buffer and Partial Constant Angular Velocity (PCAV), which combines Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) and Constant Linear Velocity (CLV). The XM-3801B also has the ability to read CD-Erasable media. "This capability will become increasingly important when CD-E drives and media are in use," said Smith.

The XM-3801B employs Toshiba's Active Wide Range playback system and digital servo control. The Active Wide Range playback system allows the drive to read data at +/-80 percent of a specific rotational speed, allowing the drive to access data on the disc at almost any time. The digital servo control, which offers greater precision in tracking and head positioning, further contributes to performance and reliability. The XM-3801B employs SCAM (SCSI Configuration AutoMagically) for industry-standard SCSI Plug-and-Play. When users connect the XM-3801B drive through a SCSI port to a PC or Macintosh, SCAM automatically configures all aspects of the CDROM drive with the computer via the SCSI connection. For integration flexibility, the drive may be mounted horizontally or vertically.

According to the company, the XM 3801B is fully compatible with a range ol industry specifications supporting multi media applications. The drive offers MPC 3 compatibility, multisession Photo CD read capability, and CD-EXTRA support The drive reads CD-DA, CD-G, CD-RON XA, CD-I, CD-I Bridge, CD-I Ready, and Video CD disc formats. It also conforms to Red Book and Yellow Book standards and can be used as an independent audio CD player when disconnected from the computer. …


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