Texas Resource-Sharing Program Receives Management Funding

Article excerpt

AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, Inc. (AMIGOS), in partnership with The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries, has announced that funding has been awarded to the partnership by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) for management of the TexShare project during the period of September 1, 1996, through August 31, 1997. In 1994, the 73rd Legislature committed $1 million to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to implement the TexShare library resource sharing program.

TexShare is a cooperative program designed to improve library services to students, faculty, and staff of the Texas Council of State University Librarians (TCSUL) libraries. Fifty-two libraries are members of TCSUL, and all are located on campuses of Texas public universities and health-science centers. The TexShare Library Card Program, TexShare Web site, electronic transmission of interlibrary loans, and access to the Federal Register for all TexShare libraries are some of the initiatives that have been realized since TexShare began.

Together, the General Libraries and AMIGOS are uniquely qualified to provide the management and leadership functions necessary for the continued success and program continuity of TexShare. The partners will provide management and program oversight in four service categories: administration, technical infrastructure support, provision of content and services, and human factors support. The partnership will maintain current TexShare programs, add a Z39.50 gateway, and support the TexShare courier service.

The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries will continue its current commitment to TexShare by supporting the full-text databases and TexShare World Wide Web site installed on servers at The University of Texas at Austin. As technical and programmatic agent, The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries will provide expertise in technology and resource-sharing programs, continuity of TexShare management, and successful grants administration. …


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