Individual, Inc.'s NewsPage Network Adds Customized Daily News to Web Sites

Article excerpt

Individual, Inc., a leading provider of customized information services and operator of the NewsPage Web site, has announced the formation of the NewsPage Network (http:/www.newspage. com/network). The NewsPage Network (NPN) makes NewsPage's customized daily news available to the publishers of World Wide Web sites that want to build traffic and foster loyalty among visitors. NPN offers a simple process for embedding highly targeted business news that is specific to the industry and issues of a particular Web site.

"Fresh, targeted news is one of the most powerful ways for a Web site to both attract users and keep them coming back every day," said Michael Kolowich, CEO of Individual, Inc. "Participating in the NewsPage Network can help any qualified site on the Web set up its own `newsroom' for targeted news relevant to the site's subject matter. Best of all, our program accommodates sites of all sizes and resource levels, including small sites that can include either a link to NewsPage or actual NewsPage headlines at no charge."

NPN offers three levels of membership: 1) Connect: a free link to NewsPage Topic areas of interest; 2) Today's Headlines: free daily customized headlines that are chosen from over 2,500 business topics and that reside on the affiliate's site; and 3) Industry Views: a complete, customized industry newsletter, with headlines, briefs, and full-text stories on the affiliate's site (these are created by NewsPage editorial managers for which the affiliate pays a monthly fee). …


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