Cold-Eeze Lozenges Are Taking the Nation by Storm

Article excerpt

Every winter, Americans expect colds to spread like wildfire but never consider that a cold remedy could catch on just as quickly. But such is the case with Cold-Eeze, a lozenge that's being touted as the answer to prevention and reduction of cold symptoms. The remedy is so popular that many drugstores are having difficulty keeping it on the shelves.

Cold-Eeze is a homeopathic lozenge proven effective in reducing the duration of the common cold and the severity of symptoms. Manufactured by Quigley Corp., a small company based in Doylestown, Pa., the product had been selling well on the home-shopping channel QVC for several years. Demand for the product soared following its national launch in retail stores and was further aided by a Cleveland Clinic study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Michael Macknin, M.D., who led the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, found that patients who used Cold-Eeze recovered from their colds in 4.4 days, while patients using a placebo took 7.6 days to get over their symptoms. The Cold-Eeze group also reported less severe symptoms.

The key to Cold-Eeze's efficacy seems to be the 11.5 mg of zinc in each lozenge. Its maker believes that zinc ions "put a temporary clamp on critical nerve endings," shutting down congestion and postnasal drip. Furthermore, the negatively charged ions of the cold virus lock onto the positively charged zinc ions instead of the positively charged ions covering the cells in the nose.

Quigley recommends that people begin using Cold-Eeze at the first signs of a cold, claiming that a day of treatment can often arrest it. …


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