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Magazine article Workforce

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What Do You Do When ... ?

1. Arriving at the dinner party, you're introduced to Sr. Juan Hernandez Lopez, and his wife Sra. Maria Gutierrez de Hernandez Lopez. You earnestly express your pleasure: "Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, I am so pleased to meet you both." Did you say something wrong?

2. Eager to continue the important business discussions of the morning, you raise a question over lunch about a point previously debated. Despite their earlier passion, now the Mexicans all but disregard your comment. What's going on?

3. First, Juan startles you by embracing you in front of your entire negotiating team. And now he's standing close and touching you all the time while speaking to you. Why is he doing this?

4. You arrive for the dinner party in Mexico City precisely at 8 p.m., just as the invitation said. But you're the first to arrive. The hostess seems a little uncomfortable as she escorts you and your spouse into the living room. You wonder, "When should we have arrived?"

5. Raising the glass of tequila, you suddenly wonder: "Now, does the salt come first, or is it the lime and then the salt?" As you begin your toast, all eyes-especially those of the president of the Mexican company with whom you just signed the deal-are on you. You hesitate.

Culturally Sensitive Behavior Would Be

1. In Mexico, most men have two last names. The first (in this case, Hernandez) is that of his father's family, and the second (in this case, Lopez) is that of his mother's family. …

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