Japanese Expert in Industrial Psychology Visits

Article excerpt

ON FEBRUARY 28, DR. YoicHI Uyeno, director of the Institute of Industrial Psychology in Tokyo, was the guest of the Division of Applied Psychology at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Dr. Uyeno kindly prepared the following account of the present status of industrial psychology in Japan for The Journal of Personnel Research.

During the war, the necessity of having some institution that would aid in establishing a good relationship between labor and capital was [acknowledged] by the Japanese government. Thus, a Japanese association for the promotion of good industrial relations was formed in 1917. In 1921, the Department of Industrial Psychology was organized as [a division of the association]. The main purposes of the Institute of Industrial Psychology are as follows:

1. To furnish equipment and staff for psychological research in order to make it the scientific basis of management. For this purpose a psychological laboratory has been equipped for the study of effciency methods.

2. To provide a training class through which men who are employed as managers in the different factories may get sufficient instruction in the psycho-physical nature of the laborer. In this course, therefore, such branches of study as the history of scientific management, general psychology, experimental psychology, method of mental tests, vocational psychology, practical efficiency methods, economics, etc. …


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