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Magazine article Tikkun


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Edited by Nelson Lichtenstein, New Press, 2006

For many Americans, Wal-Mart has become as much a synonym for evil as Osama bin Laden is. Hostile to unions, notorious for its use (and abuse) of migrant workers, repeatedly cited for charging its staff exorbitant healthcare costs and systematically discriminating against its female employees, Wal-Mart is a corporate PR firm's worst nightmare. Yet, it is also the world's biggest corporation, and has had a tremendous impact on the global economy. Edited by eminent labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein, Wal-Mart is the widest-ranging collection of writings to date analyzing the political, cultural, and sociological significance of a firm that epitomizes twenty-first-century capitalism.

BOOKS FOR BURNING: Between Civil War and Democracy in 1970s Italy

Antonio Negri. Verso, 2005

Empire, the brilliantly timed 2001 treatise on the possibilities for political liberation in the era of globalization, took the world by storm. Coauthored by imprisoned Italian philosopher Antonio Negri and Duke University's Michael Hardt, Empire decisively placed Negri in the international Left's canon of must-read theoreticians. Prior to Empire's publication, however, Negri had already amassed a significant collection of original political writings. Books for Burning assembles the five controversial pamphlets on the new character of class struggle in the 1970s that the Italian government later used as a pretext to falsely brand Negri a terrorist and send him to jail.

CHAVEZ: An Interview with Hugo Chavez

Aleida Guevara, Ocean Press, 2005

Pat Robertson's favorite Latin American political leader returns to the United States in this eye-opening series of interviews. Conducted by (who else?) Che Guevara's daughter, activist Aleida Guevara, Chavez transcends the usual in-group feel-good character of a movement publication by giving voice to Chavez's remarkably eclectic and consistent intellectual apparatus. A self-described "Bolivarian" revolutionary, the Venezuelan President comes across as something akin to a socialist philosopher king, casually invoking terms like neoliberalism while discussing everything from his life story and the collapse of the former USSR to the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

AMERICA, FASCISM AND GOD: Sermons from a Heretical Preacher

Davidson Loehr, Chelsea Green, 2005

Some might say that we are living in a post-democratic age. …

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