Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Create Company Alignment with Powerful Vision

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Create Company Alignment with Powerful Vision

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What's the most important factor in your company's success? Many company leaders might cite such factors as the economy, the competition, getting and keeping good people and customer service. While these elements do play a role in your day-to-day operations, they are not the most critical factors that determine the business's long-- term profitability. The main factors that will determine your business's success are the vision you have established and your employees' ability to align with that vision.

A Vision of Service

When creating your company's vision, be sure that its essence is service-service to customers and clients, employees, owners and associates and each other. Unfortunately, many employees believe their company's vision is to make money-for the owners.

Making money inspires few people, whether the money is for themselves or for someone else. What does inspire people? Most people want to feel a sense of professional pride and accomplishment, and they receive these benefits through contribution, making a difference and feeling valued. When you give people these opportunities, they can and will shine. Service to others brings out the best in people.

Furthermore, your customers are primarily interested in themselves, and they want your employees to be interested in them. Realize that customers are very insightful. They know if you are paying attention, doing your best to accommodate them and treating them like they are special.

Alignment is Key

Simply creating a vision, however, is not enough. Now your employees must align with the vision in a powerful way. If you want to know the direction in which your company is going and how fast it's moving in that direction, you need to add up all of the individual agendas and commitments of each employee. However, if you look deeply into most organizations, you'll discover that the majority of employees have their own personal agenda.

In a successful organization, everyone is committed to the same thing and uses their energy on behalf of a common objective. Instead of people working against each other, everyone is adding their talents and contributions to everybody else's. The result: A company capable of great things. …

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