KRI's Cooperative Strategy: Co-Development with Dow Jones, Financial Times

Article excerpt

The International Online meeting in London in December was the setting for a major announcement by Jeff Galt (Knight-Ridder Information), Allen Grossman (Dow Jones & Company, Inc.), and Donal Smith (Financial Times Information), of a joint project to co-develop a global news resource for corporate, research, government, and academic customers.

In a ground-breaking initiative, the three news and electronic information giants will create a comprehensive global collection of published news sources including newspapers, news magazines, and trade publications. Each organization brings impressive resources to the venture: the Knight-Ridder parent organization owns a major North American newspaper group and business information newswire service, as well as DIALOG and DataStar. Dow Jones publishes the Wall Street Journal, Asian Wall Street Journal, Wall Street Journal Europe, Barron's magazine, and the Far Eastern Economic Review, as well as owning Dow Jones News/Retrieval, Dow Jones Telerate and Dow Jones Financial News Services, and the Ottaway Group of community newspapers. Financial Times Information brings its international financial newspaper, Extel, Interactive Data, FT Profile, FT Discovery, FT McCarthy, Broadcast Monitoring Company, FT Business Research Centre, AFX News, and Asia Intelligence Wire. …


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