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Veterans on Campus Offer VFW Golden Opportunity

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Veterans on Campus Offer VFW Golden Opportunity

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US. Army Gen. John Abizaid, head of the Central Command, in referring to today's generation of veterans, said: "In the process of honoring their civic duty . to our nation, the graduates of Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Stanford should take note. These volunteers and their families display daily the skills that will make them the political and social force to be reckoned with in our country's future.

"Because they have experienced what it is to sacrifice self to help advance the great causes of our time-freedom and liberty-these veterans have earned the respect to make the decisions necessary to keep this nation great for generations to come."

Many of those destined for the greatness to which Abizaid refers are on college campuses today, and they are exactly the caliber of veteran we need to lead VFW in the future.

For the first time in 30 years, war veterans are a prominent presence in university classrooms. As of June 2006, 328,578 vets were receiving training under the Montgomery GI Bill. Many of them are fairly fresh from Afghanistan or Iraq. While their numbers constitute a small percentage of the collective student body, their influence through collegiate veterans organizations can be substantial.

Vet clubs are sprouting up across the country, as well as representative bodies. Some groups have formed primarily for social interaction, others to lobby on behalf of veteran-students for state education benefits.

An effort is under way to create a national collegiate veterans association. Vets at Florida State University are spearheading this drive. …

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