Magazine article Herizons

Pink to Green

Magazine article Herizons

Pink to Green

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They're everywhere-on bread wrappers, cosmetics, golf balls, cereal packages, bank ads and even a $60 silver coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Increasingly, I get the feeling that, as a woman, I should buy in to the idea that a cure for breast cancer will be found if I consume products sporting little pink ribbons.

But I'm not buying.

The problem, as I see it, is that the more that pink ribbon products line our store shelves, the more breast cancer becomes a mere brand. There is no evidence that greater consumerism will lead to a cure for breast cancer, a disease that kills 5,800 women in Canada every year. Despite the increase in pink ribbons on products, and the tens of millions of dollars raised every year on walks & runs, breast cancer shows no signs of abating-21,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year.

The pink ribbon bandwagon is so big, you'd think they'd have found it by now-the cure, I mean. Is it really possible that scientists have no clue how to stop breast cancer? Really?

The fact is that many causes of breast cancer are scientifically well-known enough to start eliminating them. Enough pollutants are known that the race for a cure could become a race for Parliament Hill, where tens of thousands of women in white shorts and pink T-shirts demand that toxic softeners in PVC plastic be eliminated, something that would save untold lives and reduce breast cancer.

Hormone-disrupting toxins are found in everything from PVC vinyl siding and hospital IV bags to plastic containers in the kitchen. When they're incinerated or when they break down, are microwaved to death or end up in landfills, they release dioxins. And when we're done, we can move on to eliminating chlorine and parabens from personal care products, reducing our exposure to carcinogens.

There is, after, all not only a disturbing increase in breast cancer, but an equally disturbing rise in prostate cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, thyroid and testicular cancers and cancers in children. …

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