Magazine article Journal of Film Preservation

Society for Cinema Studies

Magazine article Journal of Film Preservation

Society for Cinema Studies

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The Society for Cinema Studies is an international scholarly organization for the study of the moving image.

It held its 1991 Conference at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California, USA, May 23-26, with over 450 people in attendance.

The conference had 77 panels plus special sessions and presentations. Of particular interest to those concerned with archival issues and film history were panels on practices of film editing and narrative in early cinema, black cinema in the United States before World War II and research on Micheaux's work, the use of archival footage in experimental filmmaking, and historical research on the US film and broadcast industries. A special panel on "Early Cinema Historiography: Present and Future Practice" included papers on archiving and filmography by Paolo Cherchi Usai and Steven Higgins.

A new group, the "Interactive Technologies Analysis Group", held presentations and workshops for those interested hi using interactive technologies for film analysis. The University of California - Los Angeles Film and Television Archive gave an evening program, "Saved, for What? Archives and Media Study".

Presented by Robert Rosen and specialists from the Archive's staff, the panels and a special focus on "multiculturalism" completed the Conference's four days of work.

The 1992 SCS Conference will be held April 30 - May 3,1992, at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of English, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260, U.S.A.


Wanted by the Hungarian Film Institute (Budakeszi ut 51/B Budapest H-1021) are:

- any early silent film directed by Kertész Mihály (Michael Curtiz) and Korda Sándor (Sir Alexander Korda) respectively (e.g. Bánk bán)

- Atlantis (Denmark, 1913, directed by August Blom and starring-Michael Curtiz)

- A Csikos (Horse-herd, Hungarian, 1917, directed by Pasztory M. Miklós, shown also in Japan according to certain sources)

- Tetemrehivas (Ordeal of the Bier, Hungarian, 1915, directed by Garas Márton - available in Vienna perhaps)

- Sarga Liliom (Yellow Lily, 1914) and Sarga Csiko (Yellow Boy, 1913) directed by Félix Vanyl with Hungarian actors in Hungary (available in Pathé archives?)

- Any information on what happened to the collection of Hungarian silent films established by a Hungarian director Illes Jeno (Eugen Dies) in Berlin on the Friedrichstrasse (Berliner Ungarischer FiImzentrale - then: Berliner Ungarischer Film-Vertrieb) in order to make the Hungarian silent films known in Europe. …

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