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Magazine article Children's Voice

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Support Preschool Educators

Recently, I attended a seminar offered by Florida's Voluntary Prekindergarten Program. I found some of the information useful as well as the handbook of educational standards; however, my years of education and experience overshadowed much of what was presented.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to come in contact with aspiring teachers choosing to launch their careers in the preschool setting. This is a point of concern. Why does teaching at a preschool level seem to be, at best, just a steppingstone for so many? I believe the answer is quite simple: money.

Keep in mind the preschool teacher is usually part of a smaller organization or faith-based facility. But the necessity is greater indeed. We have come to see those in the esteemed positions of neuro- and behavioral sciences join the ranks of all educators to unanimously affirm the preschool foundation as perhaps the strongest building block in a firm educational foundation.

This understanding, however, has not yet translated to the teachers as a financial incentive. For all the effort to present assistance to young children in the quest of acquiring a good educational foundation, I applaud those responsible. But what about the teachers and supporting staff? Are they merely ambassadors of good will?

There should be a challenge to create new ways teachers and supporting staff alike can be financially rewarded, inspired, and encouraged to select preschool education as a career choice, not merely as a steppingstone.

Most schools offer Teacher of the Year awards, but there is nothing of that sort available to the preschool educator. …

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