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Magazine article Addiction Professional


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The Definition of Spirituality

I read Fred J. Dyer's article "The Spiritual Journey for Youth" in the May/June 2006 issue, and I must say I am dumbfounded. Spirit is defined as a supernatural being or essence, as a Holy Spirit. Dr. Dyer states that spirituality is possible without a supreme being. How can you be spiritual without a spirit?

You can have team spirit, be of good spirit, or share a spirit of love, but that is not the same as being spiritual. Without the supernatural essence there can be no spirituality.

Nathan Post

Santa Barbara, California

Dreams of Using Also Affect Those in Later Recovery

I am a counseling supervisor in Central Florida. I was reading the issue in which Roger Martinez wrote about dreams of using (September 2005 issue). I have been in recovery myself for 11 plus years now. The article stated that only newly sober individuals will have using dreams for a while. I differ with this because I still average two or three intense using dreams a month. This average has been consistent for 11 years.

I just thought you would like another perspective. I am sure you know there are exceptions to every "norm." Many of my friends who are long recovered also report vivid using dreams long after their last use.

Kevin M. Pearl

Central Florida

Roger Martinez's reply: Kevin, thank you for sharing your perspective. We are in agreement. I merely focused in my column on what I have seen in my work experience. I have heard of what you describe many times-mostly from friends rather than clients, as most of my clientele are in early sobriety. Statistically, the clients I referred to (those who have been sober for about three to six months) usually have the most dreams related to using.

Medications Are Legitimate, Important Treatments

Regarding the letter "Reader sees No Miracle in Latest Drug" (March/April 2006 issue), it is tragic that many addiction specialists still endorse an obsolete spiritual, purist "disease" model, assuming that abusers have to stop every medication and rely on AA/NA.

It is time to redefine addiction and improve our treatment philosophy. Abuse is an activity that is pursued to feel good, or at least better, even though in the big picture it is "bad. …

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