Magazine article Dance Spirit

Mind Your Manners

Magazine article Dance Spirit

Mind Your Manners

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Etiquette dos and don'ts for dance class. By Laura Di Orio

Most dance students know to turn off cell phones and refrain from talking during class, but what else encompasses proper classroom etiquette? Read on for a refresher course in good dance studio behavior.

* Be on time, unless there's an emergency. If you must leave early, let the teacher know before class begins.

* Warm up, have shoes on and your hair done before class starts, so that you're ready to focus when the teacher gives the first combination.

* If you have a limitation or injury tell the teacher in advance.

* Follow dress codes. Wear appropriate attire and no dangling jewelry.

* Pay attention while the teacher demonstrates or offers corrections-you can always catch up with your friends after class.

* Don't chew gum. Not only is it dangerous, but it's also seen as a sign of disrespect.

* Maintain your space. Stagger lines and don't block anyone's view. If someone gets in your way, politely ask him or her to move. If you're having trouble seeing, raise your hand and ask if the teacher can demonstrate in the center of the room or if the first few rows can sit down.

* Stay with your group. If you want to repeat something, do it in the back of the class behind those dancing. Within your group, switch lines so that everyone has a chance to be in front.

* If you're new to a class or unfamiliar with a teacher's style, stand in the middle or back row.

* Teachers can have different opinions about marking steps-some prefer for you to practice full-out all the time, some encourage marking while they give the combination and still others may ask you to watch first, then do the steps. …

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