Magazine article National NOW Times

More Conference Quotable Quotes

Magazine article National NOW Times

More Conference Quotable Quotes

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from Speakers and Honorees at the 2006 National NOW Conference and Young Feminist Summit

[Sex Trafficking] is on the continuum of the oppression, subjugation and commodification of women by a patriarchal system that in this case makes billions in an accepted industry that feeds off of women's bodies. Taina Bien Aimé

Executive Director, Equality Now

The degradation of women will only begin to lessen the more people take action instead of just talking about it. Emma Blackman-Mathis

Girls as Grantmakers

The way I see it, we [advertisers] should always be doing work that does well at doing good all the time. This is not hard. Brian Collins

Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather's Brand Integration Group

I believe that all American women should immediately stop paying taxes based on the founding principle that we will not bear taxation without representation.... If India can have fifty/fifty, why the hell can't we? Tyne Daly

Emmy and Tony Award-Winning Actor, Activist

Isn't that cool the way you set out to change the world and you end up changing your own life. You want to make the world a better place and you make your world a better place. You start out facing so much resistance and lack of respect and condescension and if you stick to it eventually that transforms into sisterhood, camaraderie, respect and appreciation. Ani DiFranco

Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter, Activist

It's so inspiring to see all of you and to realize that this movement is going to go on forever until we have the masculine and feminine integrated into a harmonious whole and that we become full persons and that we benefit all life. …

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