Magazine article The American Conservative

Racist Revving & Other Inanities

Magazine article The American Conservative

Racist Revving & Other Inanities

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If you thought comedy was dead, you should have been in Britain after the pope cited the opinion of a Byzantine emperor who died 600 years ago.

As the Muslim furor broke, a British motorist was arrested by the fuzz for revving his motor in a "racist" manner. Yes, in these politically correct times, engines too can be racists, especially if revved up.

Motorist Ronnie Hutton claimed he was trying to solve an engine problem of his Lotus Esprit by revving it. He also claimed he had not noticed that a Libyan couple dressed in traditional Arab dress was walking nearby. An off-duty passing policeman arrested Hutton for trying to intimidate the couple. He was thrown into jail for 48 hours and then made to pay a fine of £150 for behaving in a "racially aggravated manner."

The Libyan couple had lived in Britain only two years, but they've been quick learners. When interviewed by the cops, they used such words as scared, embarrassed, and degraded. "It was our ethnic clothing that provoked him." No doubt the state will soon recompense them for feeling humiliated, and rather generously too. (My first reaction upon reading this was to try and find some ambulance-chasing shyster for the next time I'm in New York. New York ethnic taxi drivers have particularly loud horns, and they love to blast them. As I usually dress in pinstripes, it could be construed as reverse racism. One never knows nowadays.)

But back to the pope. And more comedy. It turns out that the bearded radical who led the anti-pope demonstrations and demanded His Holiness's execution claims $3,000 a month in housing benefits and income support. For any of you who might not be familiar with British socialist jargon, housing benefits and income support means the state gives you lotsa moolah for not having a job. Anjem Choudary, a 39-year-old layabout, was born in the outskirts of London, qualified as a lawyer thanks to the opportunities of the state system, but now prefers to preach hatred and murder to the next generation of British Muslims-and, of course, live off the state. Here's one of his pearls of wisdom that thrill the faithful: "I have a British passport, but that's a travel document to me. I refuse to adopt British values. I'm a Muslim living in Britain, but I'm not British."

This comedian is taken seriously by the clowns who run Britain. Following last summer's London subway and bus attacks, Tony Blair promised to crack down on "preachers of hate" and to close any mosque or Muslim school that advocated violence. …

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