Looking Back, Going Forward

Article excerpt

Like many of you, I joined IREM to meet professionals in the industry, learn the fundamentals of real estate management through education courses and stay current with industry issues through the Institute's varied programs, communications and conferences.

Many years later, my reasons for staying the course with IREM are actually no different. It still provides quality education, vast resources and ample opportunities to interact with other industry professionals. Just like the fundamentals of real estate management have endured through the years, so has the mission of the Institute.

How we tap into the Institute's resources, though, has certainly changed over time. Online courses, podcasts and Webinars are now major forums for educating members. Content in courses and communications continues to apply to all sectors of real estate management. In this very issue of JPM, articles touch on everything from affordable housing to retail elements like lifestyle centers.

Like anything else, your experience with IREM is what you make of it. …


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