Infomart Dialog Limited Unveils KR SourceOne for Canadians

Article excerpt

Infomart Dialog Limited has announced the formal release in Canada of the document delivery service KR SourceOne. A full-service document provider from Knight-Ridder Information, Inc., KR SourceOne uses the Internet for commercial document delivery. The service provides a broad range of document delivery options and capabilities, including an international collection of more than 1.5 million titles.

KR SourceOne aids information professionals, researchers, and those involved in the scientific and legal communities by delivering high-quality copies of original documents. Information requests enter the system through a variety of order interfaces, including the Internet, email, and the DIALOG online information service. Delivery time ranges from 12 hours via fax to 1-2 weeks for hardcopy delivery from international collections.

"We're excited about the potential of the KR SourceOne service in the Canadian market," said Greg Hood, vice president and general manager at Infomart Dialog Limited. "SourceOne's global scope and document quality provide an invaluable service to Canadian information professionals. High-quality image documentation and an international roster of sources promise unequaled capability for document delivery regardless of industry."

KR SourceOne's internal holdings include patents, business articles, and comprehensive pharmaceutical/biomedical and computer/engineering collections. …