Lincoln Electric Helps Repair battleBots

Article excerpt

If you have ever watched the BattleBots competitions on television's Comedy Central, you may have wondered how some of them ever survive to fight another day.

Since May 2001, The Lincoln Electric Company has teamed with BattleBots to provide a "robot triage" area where contestants can bring their robots for welding repairs. And with hammers that deal crushing blows, rotating wheels filled with cruel spikes and saw blades and spinning disks wreaking havoc and destruction, the BattleBots often suffer an incredible amount of damage. When the metal stops flying, the contestants may have to bring their wounded robots to the robot triage area for repairs, and the representatives from Lincoln are available to weld, provide advice to the teams and help get the robots back into the fighting arena known as the "BattleBox."

According to Russ Farrar, Lincoln's San Francisco district manager and the coordinator of the company's efforts at BattleBots, his triage staff averages 125 to 150 repairs over the six-day competition, working on materials that range from mild steel and aluminum to titanium and chrome-moly. …


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