Magazine article Diverse Issues in Higher Education

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Magazine article Diverse Issues in Higher Education

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Civil Rights vs. Quotas

The opponents of a color-blind Michigan used intimidation to keep Proposal 2 off the ballot (see "Michigan Higher Ed Leaders Look Beyond Proposal 2," Nov. 30). Despite this, it made the ballot and it passed. Now the opponents of equal rights want to just ignore the Michigan constitution. It is time for proponents of diversity at any price to be honest They don't support civil rights (which are by definition equal rights and cannot exclude any group). Instead they want to turn the concept of civil rights on its head by using race as a factor in deciding who gets excluded from competitive programs. Well, you can't have both. Either you support civil rights or you support quotas.

-Dr. George Roberts

Wayne State University, Detroit


This is a terrific article that clearly articulates what it takes to be a successful college president courage, vision, energy and patience (see "Lonely at the Top?" Nov. 16). I was particularly impressed with the importance of risk-taking in leadership, and was pleasantly surprised to find that women are slightly ahead of men as risk-takers! My college president, Dr. Ding-Jo Hsla Currie, was featured in the article, and if the other featured presidents are as charismatic, intelligent, energetic, sensitive, productive and fun to work with as Dr. Currie, then their students, staff and faculty are truly blessed!

- Cheryl Stewart


Coastline Community College

Fountain Valley, Calif.


Your article (see "Nurturing Ph.D.s," Nov. 16) is right in saying that most of us will not/do not graduate because of the political climate of our universities, or in my case, department Even now, when I am in the most important phase in my educational journey, I, along with my advisor who is a senior faculty member, have to fight tooth and nail to be allowed to teach two days and work on my dissertation the rest of the week. This is not a privilege, as it has been given to many other graduate teaching assistants none of whom are minorities.

I must say, I am very tired of fighting an uphill battle. I am tired of being five times as good as my peers, but not receiving any of the benefits that they receive. I hope that one day your forum could be used to bring together junior faculty of color in an effort to assist them through the process of beginning their full-time professorial careers. Thank you, Diverse. Doctoral students/candidates need you! Without your publication, our issues might never be given a voice.

- Kimberly J. …

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