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Six years ago, THE AMERICAN ORGANIST ran my story about composer and organist René L. Becker, his music, and family. Since then, the Becker family in Birmingham, Mich., has experienced a splendid array of feedback.

A revival of Becker's music has culminated in performances of many of his best works by seven artists here in Detroit on January 28. It all started with the TAO story, another version of it the following year in de Orgelvridend in the Netherlands, several performance visits here and in the U.S. by Everhard Zwart, including at least three concerts in the Detroit area, and most recently one featuring Joseph Palazollo. Thanks to THE AMERICAN ORGANIST Magazine, many of the 400 plus compositions of René Becker are no longer in basement boxes but out there for the public to enjoy. Needless to say, his son, Jay Becker, is enthralled as the keeper turned sharer of this glorious resurrection of his father's (and mother's) long-stored works. If you'd like to know more, contact the Beckers at .


Livonia, Mich.


He is called "Bingo"-perhaps because he resides in a nursing home where they play a lot of bingo. Not that he does-after all, he's just a cat. A grey feline of middle age, with an air about him that says, "Just ignore me," Bingo's greatest delight in life is to find places to hide, preferably dark and warm, where he can have a nice snooze. The other day, I found out how inventive he can be.

Playing the organ for services at the home had become somewhat routine, and maybe I needed a jolt. Finding only a handful of residents in the chapel when I arrived early that morning, I decided to go over my selections ahead of time. …

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