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Magazine article Acoustic Guitar


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How cool it was to see Larry Pattis in Acoustic Guitar (G.A.S. Station). I am honored to have Larry as a friend. We met after one of his jaw-dropping shows. Anyone who enjoys acoustic fingerstyle guitar has to hear Larry play. He has phenomenal touch and tone, along with lightning speed and inspiring original songs. Unlike Larry, who had the guts and talent to drop out of medical school to pursue his music, I stayed in medical school. Now, after a day of fighting with managed-care companies, I dream about playing my guitars. Acoustic Guitar is in the waiting room at work, and pictures of guitars adorn the walls. I even have a lithograph drawing of a Martin D-28 signed by Dick Boak in 1977. I picked it up at a garage sale for 20 bucks. That is one for Antiques Roadshow!

Larry is right about Martin guitars. When I was a kid in the '60s and '70s, Martin was the gold standard, but they slipped off the radar as we moved in to the hair-brained, shred-metal 1980s. Now Martin is back in a big way. Larry turned me on to the 00-18V, which I love. I went even further and picked up a Norman Blake 000-28. Both guitars have the short 24.9-inch scale, a wonderfully wide neck, and killer vintage-Martin tone. The boutique builders forced Martin to shape up, and they certainly have. Now even Gibson is coming back strong, as noted in the December AG. This is truly a renaissance era for the American acoustic guitar. In a period of uncertain future, with war and terrorism looming over us, it is comforting to look at the headstock on your guitar and see "C.F. Martin, established in 1833."


Centralia, Washington

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I'm a faithful AG reader and want to thank you especially for the do-it-yourself articles. I've been playing for almost 36 years and have never tried to change anything myself except strings and tuners. …

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