NTT Establishes Multimedia Communications Laboratory, Professional Advisory Board

Article excerpt

NTT America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. of Japan, has announced that it has established an important new commercial research center in Palo Alto, California-the heart of Silicon Valley. The new NTT Multimedia Communications Laboratories (MCL) has been established as a division of NTT America for the purpose of combining technologies from Japan and America to address future business needs.

"MCL was founded to pursue the commercialization of advanced technologies that leverage NTT's expertise in multimedia communications," said Masaki Itoh, general manager of NTT MCL and vice president of NTT America. "Silicon Valley was our first and most promising choice for the location of the laboratories because it is home to acclaimed universities and research centers and the world's most productive region for developing new technology products. Our goal is to contribute leading-edge applications and services developed here and in Japan, partnering with U.S. technology companies that have expertise in introducing products to targeted markets quickly and efficiently."

To support the growth and development of the laboratories, NTT MCL recently established an advisory board. The board will make recommendations on the commercial development of technologies and assist with recruiting quality research engineers. Members of the advisory board include some of the most respected professionals from Silicon Valley business, research, and academia: Advisory board chairman Harry Saal, chairman of Network General Corporation: Saal was the founding CEO and president of Smart Valley, Inc., a nonprofit organization chartered to create a regional electronic community based on advanced information infrastructure. In 1986, he founded Network General, a leading network management company. Today, Saal serves on the boards of directors of several private and public high-technology firms, including Network General Corp., Borland International, Personal Computer Products, and Smart Valley.

Steve Deering, technical advisor, Cisco Systems: Prior to joining Cisco Systems, Deering spent six years at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) engaged in research on advanced Internet technologies, including multicast routing, mobile Internetworking, scaleable addressing, and multimedia. He is present and past chair of numerous IETF Working Groups, inventor of IP multicast, and lead designer of the new version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6.

Douglas Engelbart, director of Bootstrap Institute: A true computer visionary, according to NTT spokespeople, Engelbart founded the Augmentation Research Center (ARC) at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in 1963. …


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