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Magazine article The American Conservative


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In his Dec. 4 review of A Glorious Disaster: Barry Goldwater's Presidential Campaign and the Origins of the Conservative Movement, Gregory Schneider was too kind to Goldwater, whose latter-day liberalism was assuredly not a concoction of Carville and company.

Consider the following: Goldwater endorsed Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan in 1976; appeared on national TV with Jane Fonda and Norman Lear to hype People for the American Way; supported Sharon Percy Rockefeller for the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in preference to a conservative being considered; raised money for the radicalized Lowell Weicker to run for governor of Connecticut against a Republican; endorsed a liberal Democrat over a conservative Arizona Republican for Congress in 1992; and opted for Bill Clinton over Bob Dole in 1996. In 1964, Goldwater said that the church-state divide was "so high and rigid as to threaten the spiritual foundations of the American nation," a view entirely out of character for him 20 years later.

It is long past time for conservatives to stop deceiving themselves about their onetime but eventually perfidious hero.


Austin, Texas


Steve Sailer is always informative, but his article on immigrants (Jan. 15) neglects a key point-their children. The first generation's diversity may fragment America, but it is not the first generation that matters much. They do the dirty work, live in crowded semi-slums, and just work. Most are poor, insecure, living with their customs, fearful of strangers and new ways, and unable to speak English well enough to get good jobs.

It is their children and their children's children who have made and benefited America so much for hundreds of years. It is the children who gain education, start businesses, make inventions, create enormous wealth for America, give us much of our technological lead in the world, join our military, and are the key for our nation's dynamism. Few Americans study the hard sciences; over half of Ph.D.'s in science are earned by the foreign-born; Google itself is half immigrant-made. America needs immigrants' labor and will benefit from their ambitious children.

Although there may seem to be an excess of Mexican peasants at the moment, a solution could be a nine-month work visa that would greatly benefit both America and Mexico.


Washington, D.C.


Rep. Tom Tancredo makes a number of excellent points in his article "No Mandate for Amnesty" (Dec. 18). The best is the question he poses about the election loss of Republican Senators Chafee, Burns, and DeWine. …

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