Magazine article Working Mother

Ask Dr. Sears

Magazine article Working Mother

Ask Dr. Sears

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My son has bad dreams, but he doesn't wake up fully from them when we try to comfort him.

What can we do?

Your son is probably experiencing night terrors, which can be unsettling for parents because during one a child can seem frightened, stare straight ahead with eyes open and even cry out or scream. But night terrors-which are common between the ages of 3 and 5, after which most kids outgrow them-are actually less disruptive for a child than nightmares because they occur during a stage of deep sleep and don't fully awaken him. Here, suggestions to help your child through them:

DONT TRY TO WAKE HIM. Since your child is still asleep when he has these bad dreams, he's more likely to get upset if he's awakened.


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