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Magazine article Teach

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Welcome to TEACH Magazine's 13th Annual Product Supplement. Each year, we present a compendium of information for your personal use and purposes. This year, we have tried to limit our focus to products that we believe will make your time in the classroom a little bit easier. We are pleased to present a comprehensive overview of Web briefs, software and more, directed at helping in-service and preservice Canadian teachers be the best educators they can. Please keep in mind the information in this supplement only provides a narrative description of each product listed; no endorsements are given. Don't forget to inquire about educational pncing and discounts where applicable.

Web Briefs

ABC Central

ABC Central specializes in providing teachers with Canadian educational assessment and intervention materials in the language and literacy domains.

The Atlas of Canada

The Atlas of Canada provides information on environment, economy, people and society, history, climate, health, maps, etc. With lesson plans, curriculum guide, atlas, quizzes and more. The Atlas of Canada provides authoritative, current and accessible geographic information products at a national level. English and French.

BC Teachers Federation

This Web site contains unit plans designed for teachers, by teachers. The units explore the themes of global education across the grades and across the curriculum. The units contain all of the necessary handouts and materials to be easily utilized in the classroom setting and are consistent with the outcomes of the BC Curriculum. The creation of this site and the units were made possible through a joint CIDA and BCTF project.

Dorling Kindersley's e.encyclopedia

(combined book and Web resource)

e.encyclopedia combines the best of a traditional encyclopedia with an extra digital dimension - ideal for homework and projects. Google has created the book's Web site, e.encyclopedia provides the reader with a keyword to use on the dedicated Web site - guiding the user to the most useful and appropriate sites the Web has to offer.

At the front of e.encyclopedia, is the address for the e.encyclopedia homepage. From there, simply enter a keyword provided from the e.encyclopedia - for example, 'astronaut' or 'volcano'. There will be a list of expertly selected links, covering everything about astronauts or volcanoes.

Entries are grouped thematically, in nine subject areas: Space; Earth; Nature; Human Body; Science and Technology; People and Places, Society and Beliefs; Arts and Entertainment; History.

Hundreds of images are available with e.encyclopedia. For more information: eencyclopedia/intro.html

KidsCan Press kidscanpress/KidsCanPress_3/KCP/ f_home.htm

The Mysterious You Series, published by Kids Can Press. "Achoo!", "Baa!", "Hmm?", "Zzz...", "Aha!", "Burp!", "Wow!". This unique series explores the mysteries of the human body using a mix of thoroughly researched factual information, amazing anecdotes and surprising try-it activities.

Library and Archives Canada education/008-1000-e.html

The Learning Centre has been developed to bring together educational resources for a rich learning experience. Library and Archives Canada (LAC) holds vast collections in history, literature and music. Many of these holdings are more accessible to teachers and students through the Learning Centre.


eLibrary Canada is a user-friendly reference tool that features a new, updated user interface designed to make research easy. With 2,000+ full text Canadian, U.S. and international titles, eLibrary Canada provides schools and libraries with powerful, compelling resources for extending and reinforcing learning and achievement at all levels. …

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