Magazine article The Spectator

Marginalising Conservatives

Magazine article The Spectator

Marginalising Conservatives

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New York

To the nation's capital for a speech at the National Press Club about the Fifth Columnists among us. Actually it was a conference honouring Sam Francis, sponsored by the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation.

Sam Francis died two years ago and his latest book is a compilation of his brilliant writings about unlimited immigration, the neoconservatives, the war against Christmas and other such subjects anathema to the Trotskyites now posing as conservative and patriotic Americans. I was the last speaker of the afternoon, as I had requested -- one should always end on a light note, and mine sure was light -- which was a handicap of sorts. I followed PhD Professor Paul Gottfried, a man whose knowledge of serious politics and history is on a par with mine where the history of the French Riviera is concerned. In fact, after being introduced, I noted that the master of ceremonies Wayne Lutton, another PhD and a Speccie reader from way, way back, had failed to mention my own PhD, the one from the University of La Côte d'Azur.

He apologised. Not many got it.

Following Gottfried into bat is a bit like going to bed with a woman who has just had sex with Rubirosa. One is bound to feel diminished. Never mind. I gave it my best shot. (As I'm sure I would have, had I ever followed Rubi in bed. ) Paul's thesis was that the neocons are here to stay. The Old Right, the true conservatives, will have to mount an effort equivalent to the Soviet counterattack at Stalingrad to get rid of the enemy that the conservative movement invited in to occupy its territory. Alas, it is so. The terrible harm these wretched people have done to the country is nothing compared with the damage they've inflicted on anyone of the Old Right who knows them for what they are.

People have lost their jobs and their livelihoods, and a palaeoconservative on a TV political chat show or a column in a major newspaper is as rare as a necktie around the ludicrous Dave Cameron's fleshy neck.

Better yet, they have acted brutally, breaking the bones of those on the Right, while at the same time maintaining a neighbourly dialogue with the Centre-left, a strategy which is integral in marginalising the real Right.

Mind you, the Kristols and Podhoretzes of this world are many bad things, but one thing they're not is dumb. They and their ilk knew from the start that the country was turning conservative following Vietnam and the excesses of the Sixties.

Their plan was to pretend to have seen the light of conservatism, marginalise the real conservatives using well-meaning people who abhor anti-Semitism (the neocon Trojan Horse) and continue the party line only with a different name. …

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