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Magazine article American Cinematographer


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Mildly Amusing

The article "A Grand Tour for Innocents Abroad" (AC April), although mildly interesting and amusing, nevertheless prompts some questions.

The author states Mr. Les Blank "employed his own 16mm Aaton . .. for the entire three week shoot." Later, we are told that 5248 and 5294 were used. How did Mr. Blank cram 35mm stock into a 16mm Aaton?

Another question. If Mr. Blank used a total of four batteries a day and if he got three 400' rolls from each battery, the total shot each day was 4800'. However, the subheading of the article states "Europe on 8,640 feet a day." Huh?

Please clarify. I am thoroughly confused.

- Robert E. Rogers


Ed. note: The subhead was meant as a play on words, not an actual expression of footage requirements. Mr. Blank, rather than trying to cram 35mm stock into his Aaton, simply used the 16mm version of these emulsions. Please note producer Vikram Jayanti's letter below. Our apologies for the confusion.

Innocents Correction

In an otherwise wonderful article on our documentary film Innocents Abroad, Les Paul Robley made one grievous error which the three of us feel we must urgently correct. He writes that Globus Gateway (whose coach tour we filmed) only allowed us on board "on the proviso that the completed film make them look good."

There was no such proviso, nor would we have accepted such a condition, and it's wrong to give that impression. The reason that the finished film doesn't make the tour company look bad is because we found - to our great surprise, given our own backgrounds as individualistic and spontaneous world travellers - that the service they provide is actually very good. We feel that Innocents Abroad captures the heart of the experience.

With hindsight, we see that Globus Gateway had every right to be confident in taking the risky gamble of allowing a very independent film crew complete and uncensored access to one of their tours.

Two more details: we shot the film on 16mm, not 35mm, using Kodak 7292/asa 125 (now discontinued) and 7248/asa 100 balanced for tungsten, and 7245/asa 50 and 7297/asa 250 balanced for daylight. Even more important, please note that Les is only 58, not 59!

- Vikram Jayanti, producer

Les Blank, director/ cameraman

Chris Simon, editor and sound

This is Sutorama!

I enjoyed very much the HDTV Standards discussion in the March issue, but it is clear there is still a lot of confusion concerning the logic of 16X9 and its origins. …

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