Globalization and the Re-Shaping of Christianity in the Pacific Islands

Article excerpt

Globalization and the Re-shaping of Christianity in the Pacific Islands. Edited by Manfred Ernst. Suva, Fiji: Pacific Theological College, 2006. Pp. xx, 866. Paperback $62.

Anyone who knows anything about the Pacific Islands will be aware of significant changes in religious life that have taken place over the last generation or more in this little-understood, vast, island-dotted region of the world-and will welcome this timely publication. By any measure, it is a substantial book, 866 pages about the impact of globalization on the religious landscape of the Pacific, and the product of nearly five years of careful research. Under the leadership of editor Manfred Ernst, director of projects and research at the Pacific Theological College, the contributors, who span a range of academic disciplines and church traditions, have documented over three hundred interviews and provided records from government and church resources across fourteen Pacific countries. The publication is supported by detailed references, bibliography, and index.

The book is divided into three parts. First, Manfred Ernst writes an introduction on the historic roots and recent trends in Pacific religious allegiance, and on the nature and effects of globalization and its impact in the Pacific. …


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