Magazine article American Cinematographer

L.A. Hosts SMPTE Conference

Magazine article American Cinematographer

L.A. Hosts SMPTE Conference

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Vista-Voyager Simulator

Vistascope Corporation, a widescreen film production company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced the marketing of the Vista-Voyager, a 48seat space ride simulator for the museum and amusement industries.

The Vista-Voyager is a hydraulically operated space craft simulator whose motions are computer controlled to match the movements that are projected on a large panoramic motion picture screen. Through the use of the proprietary Vistascope wide-screen film system, the "passengers" in the Vista-Voyager are treated to a simulated journey into space.

For more information: Vistascope, 1314 Ellsworth Industrial Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30318. (404) 351-3618.

Fog Essence

Fog Power, scented fog juice from The Great American Market, is now available in concentrated form. The new Fog Power Scented Essence can be added to Plain Fog Power or Fog Light by the user.

Fog Power Scented Essence is available in nine "flavors':' vanilla, gardenia, peppermint, rose, orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, and coconut in 4 oz. bottles.

Plain Fog Power, pure, undiluted fog juice, produces thick, odorless smoke. Fog Light, which is 30% water, produces thinner, lighter, smoke which tends to rise and spread faster. Both products are nontoxic and leave no oily residue.

For more information: The Great American Market, 826 N. Cole Ave., Hollywood CA 90038, (213) 461-0200, Fax 213/461-4308.

Audio Editing System

At the SMPTE exhibition in Los Angeles during October, Adams-Smith will spotlight the Model 2600 A/V Audio Editing System, and demonstrate several of its powerful new features. These include full list management for MIDI operations, varispeed synchronizing, and mixed frame rate synchronizing and editing.

Film editors and studios who regularly use a mix of 24, 25, 29.97 and 30frame audio material will appreciate the time saved by being able to synchronize mixed frame rate source material directly, instead of first having to convert it all to a common standard. Audio editors can use vari-speed synchronizing to expand or compress audio material, especially music, to exactly fit a fixed time interval. Where pitch change is excessive, the 2600 A/V can automatically tell an external harmonizer what correction to make.

Full MIDI list management permits MIDI events (note number, on-time, offtime, velocity and channel) to be automatically recorded, with respect to master time code, in a MIDI edit list, the events can then be easily edited without actually performing them. Eight MIDI tracks are available to record eight separate, simultaneous event sequences.

For more information: AdamsSmith, 34 Tower Street Hudson, MA 01749 USA. (508) 562-3801.

Video Control System

Präzisions-Entwicklung Denz (P * D), Munich, has developed the first video control system for color outcoupling: VCS C - the video tool of the future with the smallest color video camera in the world. In conjunction with the appropriate VCO, the same color video camera can be used on the associated 35mm or 16mm cine camera.

VCS C, the flexible system, is economically styled and extremely easy to operate. VCS C, the Video Control System has a complete range of accessories, from the VCV Visier optical adapters to the VCM video monitor, from the C-mount adapter to the transport and storage case.

The VCS C system is free from flicker at 25 fps camera running speed in PAL mode. The VCS C color video camera is also available for NTSC.

The VCS C color video camera is screwed onto the VCO optical unit using a coupling ring. The picture information from the viewfinder system of the cine camera is passed to the VCS C color video camera via the optimally calculated and designed optical path of the VCO, with beam splitter and very low light loss of max. 20%, and a lens with a light-gathering power of 1:1.8 developed specially for the VCO. …

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