Magazine article Medical Economics

Letters to the Editor

Magazine article Medical Economics

Letters to the Editor

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The difference between cats and dogs

You advise a physician who's concerned about dog-liability laws to persuade his daughter to get a cat [Money Management, April 28]. I presume you mean instead of a dog.

Perhaps the doctor ought to rethink your suggestion. Though some attorneys and misguided people make owning certain breeds undesirable, a welltrained dog has much to offer.

Several years ago, I bought a 7week-old Great Dane. I had no idea how important she would become to my patients and me. She's in my office at all times, and she accompanies me on house calls.

While cats may be cute and cuddly, they can't offer the same companionship dogs can. I also have a cat, whose function is to eat, sleep, break things, and drag towels around the house. He has no purpose besides looking cute.

Lenwood B. Wert, D.O.

Lansdowne, Pa.

Physicians don't have to lose their shirts in PPM deals Consultant Michael Brown clearly outlines what physicians should look for when signing contracts with physician practice management organizations ["Don't let a PPM play you for a sucker," April 28]. Brown's strategies seem so appealing because he puts doctors first; he explains how physicians can gain the upper hand in negotiations with PPM organizations. look forward to more of Brown's articles.

Mendall Jordan, M.D.

Raleigh, N.C.

We have a long way to go to protect our privacy

Why are lawmakers and national organizations drawing up bills and guidelines to protect the confidentiality of electronic medical records ["Electronic medical records: New efforts to keep them private," Professional Beat, April 28]? …

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