Magazine article American Cinematographer

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Magazine article American Cinematographer

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

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Heard any good jokes lately? How 'bout the one where this guy has an idea for a funny movie:

"See, Mr. W., there's this blind guy and this deaf guy - a buddy picture, you know? And they accidentally get involved with these two killers, see. You with me?"

"I don't see it, Son. We can't go around making fun of people with handicaps."

"Right, but this would be making heroes out of guys with handicaps. They save the day and the girl!"

"So how are a blind man and deaf man going to be heroes? They have super powers or something? I could maybe..."

"No sir. They are blind and deaf and normal. You'll love it, Mr. W. Really you will."

"Maybe as a heavy, dramatic piece..."

"No, it's gotta be a comedy. I mean picture this: The blind guy's a scrapper. Thinks he can lick the world. Always gettin' into fist fights. You with me? The deaf guy, he's a little shy. Not into the macho thing at all. First time they're in a bar together, they wind up in a fight. The blind guy's willing to throw the punches -but where? The deaf guy comes to his rescue and gives him directions. 'To the right, to the right. Now swing at one o'clock... no, three.. .no, one!' And for the first time, the blind guy connects. Great stuff?"

"I don't know. It could be funny, I guess..."

"Try this on, Mr. W. Imagine Gene Wilder as the deaf guy, right. You got that? And this'll kill you - Richard Pryor as the blind guy?"

"I loved Silver Streak... yeah, yeah.. .go on."

"Then we get a guy like Arthur Hiller to direct. …

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