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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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The 3rd edition of The Production Company/California contains detailed listings of commercial/industrial firms specializing in live action (film/ tape), animation, special effects, jingles and music videos. Edited by Kathleen M. Wells-Anderson, it is a thorough and convenient source book of California facilities and personnel. (Production Books, Hollywood, $19.95).

Between 1931 and 1952, Monogram Pictures released over 700 "B" feature films whose elemental entertainment values and low budgets largely compensated, in the eyes of studio chiefs, for their more than modest artistic merit. Ted Okuda's The Monogram Checklist compiled a valuable reference record that includes these films' cast and credits, production data, release date and a plot synopsis (MacFarland, Jefferson, NC, $29.95).

The portraying of psychiatry and its practitioners in the more than 250 American movies produced since 1904 is explored in a well-documented survey by Krin and Glen O. Gabbard, Psychiatry and the Cinema. Seven films, including Hitchcock's Psycho, Woody Alien's Zelig, and Ridley Scott's Alien, are subjected to extensive in-depth analyses in the context of American culture, film theory, and the history of American psychiatry. (U. of Chicago Press, Chicago, $24.95).

How to write and sell screenplays is discussed in two current books. Prof. Alan A. Armer, a film/tv professional turned academic, examines the principles and techniques of the craft in Writing the Screenplay: Film and TV, an informative and highly readable text. In The Screenwriter's Guide, Joseph Gillis offers useful tips on the successful presentation, protection and sale of film/tv scripts, together with a master list of agents and producers. (Wadsworth, Belmont, CA, $19; NYZoetmpe. NYC, $9.95).

In Aldous Huxley and Film, Virginia M. Clark discusses the four notable screenplays he wrote (Pride and Prejudice, Madame Curie, Jane Eyre and A Woman's Vengeance) from the point of view of the symbiotic relationship between cinema and literature that characterized the British author's career. (Scarecrow. Metuchen, NJ, $19.50).

The life and times of Rainer Werner Fassbinder are explored by Robert Katz in an unsparingly realistic biography. Love Is Colder Than Death. The prolific career of the late German director - 43 films in 16 years - was marked by a compulsive drive for drugs, sex and work that was reflected in his films' cynical and gloomy image of German society during and after WWII. (Random House, NYC. $19.95).

In The Films of Carol Reed, Robert F. Moss views with perceptive empathy the director's versatile gifts strikingly evidenced in such disparate films as The Fallen Idol, Trapeze and The Third Man. …

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