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Making Medicaid Work: A Practical Guide for Transforming Medicaid

Magazine article Policy & Practice

Making Medicaid Work: A Practical Guide for Transforming Medicaid

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Making Medicaid Work: A Practical Guide for Transforming Medicaid By Newt Gingrich and Rishabh Mehrotra and 11 others / Center for Health Transformation and SHPS/ In hard copy or PDF format, more than 50 pages / Free

This new book, Making Medicaid Work: A Practical Guide for Transforming Medicaid, tackles some of America's most passionate and controversial health care issues in this decade and offers a platform for constructive and honest public debate.

A collaborative effort of SHPS (yes, that's its name) and the Center for Health Transformation, which was founded by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the guide provides an innovative framework for transforming Medicaid into a 21st century intelligent system that provides high-quality, coordinated care at a lower cost. CHTs membership includes health care providers, government leaders, large and small employers, research institutions, universities and others focused on the adoption of transformational solutions and policies for better health and more choices at lower costs, according to the center.

Making Medicaid Work is intended to encourage "true transformation" of the Medicaid system by fostering greater dialogue between those dedicated to serving and improving the lives of the Medicaid population.

In the book, Gingrich and Rishabh Mehrotra, president and chief executive officer of SHPS, propose a series of guiding principles as a framework for transforming Medicaid, calling for greater health care consumerism and care coordination and the adoption of 21st century technology, such as electronic health records and health risk scores. The creation of proper incentives to promote better health outcomes, the development of an integrated delivery system and the addition of social empowerment tools are essential to building a better Medicaid.

The book also features insight from government leaders, including Michael Leavitt, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who offers his perspective on how to create an ideal Medicaid system: "Medicaid can be a proactive force in reforming health care overall-and that point is often overlooked in public policy discussions."

"The creation of a 21st century intelligent Medicaid system that achieves better health outcomes at lower costs can be accomplished," said Gingrich. …

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