Clinton Blasts Palestinian Textbooks

Article excerpt

AT CAPITOL HILL'S Russell Senate Office Building on Feb. 8, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) released a report titled From Nationalist Battle to Religious Conflict: New 12th Grade Palestinian Textbooks Present a World Without Israel. The report on new Palestinian Authority textbooks for 12th graders was written by PMW founder and director Itamar Marcus, who also writes for David Horowitz's, and PMW associate director Barbara Crook.

Basing their analysis on omissions rather than explicit statements, the report alleges that the Palestinian Authority is, in the words of Senator Clinton, "indoctrinating rather than educating Palestinian children." The study found that the textbooks defined Israel's founding as a "disaster unprecedented in history," known in Arabic as Al-Nakhba; denied Israel's existence by not using the name "Israel" on maps and claiming Palestine is a state between 10,000 and 100,000 square kilometers in size; and not explicitly mentioning the systematic killing of Jews during World War II, although explaining the war's political and military aspects.

The study also pointed to the use of the term "clash of civilizations" in the newly released textbooks. While claiming this to be yet another indication of the hatred these schoolbooks teach, the study failed to point out that this phrase actually was coined by an American professor. …