Magazine article The American Conservative

The Unfortunate Mrs. Middleton

Magazine article The American Conservative

The Unfortunate Mrs. Middleton

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How about a change of pace? Iraq, the neocons, Iran, Hillary-it's all bad news for the foreseeable future. As far as I can tell, the only two things that haven't changed are Wall Street greed and English snobbery. I am not an expert of the former, but when you think that 25 years ago the Dow stood around 1050 and now is over 13,000, it does tend to show that human nature does not change. People look out for number one.

English snobbery, of course, has been around far longer than Wall Street. Perhaps some of you have read about the breakup of Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton. The two youngsters had been stepping out-and living in-for some four years. They met at university, took holidays together, and Kate sat next to the queen on a few official occasions. The British press, which in reality should be called the Murdoch media, declared the couple unofficially engaged and the great Kate photography hunt began.

She was snapped leaving the house in the morning and returning to it after work. She was photographed shopping, going to and leaving restaurants and nightclubs, and was followed by a yelping mob of paparazzi when she went to her parents' modest home in the country.

Entrepreneurs manufactured William and Kate engagement crockery, hoping to be first in line when the official announcement came through. They are now selling them at cut-rate prices or giving them away at charity events.

I write all this because living part time in London, I knew as well as anyone that the wedding was something dreamed up by the media and nothing more.

Now comes the good part. Murdoch's minions are no fools. They always have a back-up story once the one they invented goes the way of the Hindenburg. The hacks had their line ready. If the romance crashed, it was to be blamed on the establishment's snobbery. Love takes second place to breeding, class war being the best news seller of all time.

As far as I know, no courtier or friend of William's ever said "Doors to manual" in reference to Kate's mother's career as an airline hostess. But those three little words were quoted as if engraved in stone by every tabloid and repeated ad nauseam on every chat show by the smiling wallet-lifters who make up the British tabloid and trash-TV world. …

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